Organic Rice Cereal

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Organic Rice Cereal

  • Food for dietary management of infant indigestion (infant diarrhoea)

  • Naturally gluten-free and lactose-free

  • Click here for more information on nutritional values and how to prepare the formula correctly

Product description

This valuable rice diet can be introduced to manage infant indigestion (infant diarrhoea) from the 5th week. The gentle formulation is ideal as a supplement for all age-groups. 

Important notice

Töpfer Organic Rice Cereal should only be used under medical supervision. Töpfer Organic Rice Cereal is low in calories, so it is not suitable as the only source of nutrition. It should be eaten as part of a balanced diet. Ensure that your baby receives enough calories by giving them a balanced diet. Sweets and cold drinks should be avoided.

Please always use the measuring spoon provided. To clean the spoon, just rinse off with hot water – do not put in the dishwasher or a sterilisation device. Ensure you observe instructions for preparation. Improper preparation may harm the baby’s health due to the growth of undesirable germs. Prepare fresh before each meal and feed your baby immediately. Do not re-use left-overs.

Do not give the baby the bottle to use as a pacifier or to suck on constantly, as organic rice cereal contains carbohydrates such as sugar. Regular or ongoing contact with foods or liquids that contain carbohydrates can cause serious caries resulting in damage to teeth. Ensure that the baby’s teeth are cleaned regularly.


In accordance with the measurement chart, pour the boiled water into the bottle and allow to cool to drinking temperature.

At the beginning of an episode of diarrhoea, the first 1 to 3 meals can be replaced with Töpfer Organic Rice Cereal and plentiful liquids such as fennel or camomile tea.

With a mild episode of diarrhoea (weight loss of up to maximum 5%), approx. 50ml liquid per kg body weight (of e.g. Töpfer Rice Cereal Electrolyte Diet) is prescribed within 3-4 hours.

In cases of more than 5% loss of body weight, the child must be seen by a paediatrician. Dosage according to advice from the paediatrician.

*salt content exclusively comes from natural raw material

**preparation: 10g + 90ml water

Nutritional details

Click here for more information on nutritional values and how to prepare the formula correctly

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After the 4th month

Rice Cereal Electrolyte Diet

For the dietary management of infant indigestion from the 4th month.


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Nursing is the best thing for your baby.

Töpfer is convinced of the advantages of breastfeeding and endorses it according to the recommendations of the WHO. In the section Guidebook lactation and our FAQ´s, we have prepared a few tips under the keyword "Breastfeeding".

Supplementing infant formula may impair the success of your breastfeeding. Therefore, please consult your pediatrician or midwife if you wish to use infant formula.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate to contact our parent’s service.

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