We are Töpfer Babyworld

Where we are from originally

Since the company was founded in 1911, we have only really had one thing in mind: the well-being of your baby. Our history began in Böhlen near Leipzig and we were the first company to produce infant nutrition in Germany. Since then, we and our range of products have grown and now we are one of the leading, high quality organic producers of babyfood and cosmetics.

We support parents during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and moreover we have developed a vast store of experience in Babyfood, Babycare and Mamacare.

What defines us?

Sustainability and responsibility towards our customers, employees, and the natural world are very important for us. Since 1923 we produced our products in tranquil little Dietmannsried in the heart of the Allgäu region and we source natural ingredients locally. The milk for our Töpfer babyfoods comes mainly from organic Allgäuer farms and our cereals all have the EU organic seal. We also use all our knowledge and the best raw material to make our natural cosmetics for babies and moms. This is certified by the BDIH.The use of environmentally-friendly technologies is also important for us as is the use of sustainable packaging where possible. We also have an international reputation: Our products are now sought after and available in over 25 countries around the world.

Our love for the region is demonstrated by our social commitment to regional sports clubs that we enthusiastically support. Find out more on our Facebook page.


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