Our Involvement

What matters to us..

We are a small company and that's why we are who we are. Real, honest and warm Allgäu residents. We are committed to our region and our country.

We take the responsibility of promoting ambitious, young athletes outside of mass media-compatible sports with the #teamtöpfer, but also to support recreational sports for children.

We maintain connections to regional institutions such as the Allgäu workshops, with which we have been working together for many years, and support a large number of charitable institutions from the Allgäu. We only make a small contribution to the "big picture" - but where it matters.


Social Involvement.

We admire those who have dedicated their lives to helping others, and we are delighted to lend our support to these organizations. 


St. Nicholas Children's Hospice

A house full of life for families with terminally ill and life-shortened children. The hospice accompanies the entire family from the time the diagnosis is made, during the entire span of the illness and beyond death. Families in the St. Nikolaus children's hospice should "feel that they are in good hands".

The children's hospice picks up the families from where they are at that moment.


Bunter Kreis

Help for families with children who have cancer or are seriously ill.

When an accident occurs, a child is born prematurely or disabled, or a chronic or serious illness is diagnosed, the lives of the families affected change dramatically. The Bunter Kreis supports these families.

"Over 2000 families in our Swabian homeland take advantage of the assistance offered by the Bunter Kreis every year."




Kinderbrücke Allgäu e.V.

Aid projects for children in the Allgäu. Don't look the other way when families and children in the Allgäu are in need and then help quickly, specifically and unbureaucratically. That has been the idea since 2001.

The Kinderbrücke Allgäu association is aimed directly at children and their families and provides acute help in individual cases. Institutions are supported in the implementation of projects and initiate preventive projects.




Bioring Allgäu

In the Bio-Ring Allgäu e. V. consumers and organic farmers have been working together since 1987 to preserve the Allgäu by promoting an ecological way of life.

The focus is on

  • Marketing of regional organic products
  • Consumer information
  • Influence on the formation of political opinion
  • Network for organic farmers, marketers and consumers


Organic farming with a passion

Living off the healthy Earth

The Ecology & Agriculture Foundation (SÖL) advocates agriculture that is shaped by values, deals responsibly with the foundations of life such as soil and water, practices animal welfare and ensures a healthy living environment for people.



humedica e.V.

With its headquarters in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria), it has been providing humanitarian aid in over 90 countries around the world since it was founded in 1979. The aim of humedica's work is to help people who are in need due to disasters or structural poverty.

In addition to the focus on medical emergency and disaster relief, humedica is also involved in supply aid and long-term development cooperation projects.