What is Töpfer's views on packaging?

The safety and protection of our baby food and cosmetics always comes first.

As a manufacturer of products for babies and mothers, we are particularly sensitive to all issues that affect our products.


PS: Our outer packaging is made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly inks.

Our share of waste paper in relation to the total cardboard is approx. 80%. We only use so-called "low-migration paints", which means that they are free of e.g. mineral oil components. Our folding boxes are 100% recyclable.

Questions about our packaging

What types of packaging do we use?

We use a variety of plastic packaging and recycled paper folding boxes.
In general, we only use packaging when there is no other option that matches our quality standards. 

Bioplastics are already on the market. Why haven't we implemented this yet?

As a member of the Association of Organic Food Manufacturers (AöL, www.aoel.org), we are very interested in the developments. In the area of ​​compostable or biodegradable plastic solutions in particular, we carefully examine the options with our suppliers and discuss alternative packaging solutions.

The high quality, safety and hygiene requirements for our packaging must also be met by bioplastics. They must not have any effect on our products. Long-term storage tests are a basic requirement for this and they must be GMO-free * and recyclable. In addition, the basic products for the production of bioplastics must not result in deforestation and environmental damage.

* no genetically modified organisms (GMO)

Why are the creams packaged in additional packaging, such as folding boxes?

We are currently revising our packaging concept for natural cosmetics and, in this context, examining the need for folding boxes. The folding box is required for the legally required declaration information, especially for the small tubes.

Why isn't glass the better option?

Because glass can break, it is not suitable for baby products. Our baby food and cosmetics also do not arrive in stores on their own.
Transport is, of course, a factor in our considerations. Glass, on the other hand, is considerably heavier. 

Sustainability in and on paper from die Umweltdruckerei

We think this is timely and that's why you get our printed guides and flyers on recycled paper from die UmweltDruckerei. But is recycled paper really so much better than paper made from virgin fiber? Yes, because in comparison the UmweltDruckerei needs about two thirds less wood for the production of recycled paper. This is clear and logical, since it is recycled paper that does not have to grow first. And since many production steps are eliminated, less than half the water and energy is used in the manufacturing process. CO2 emissions are also cut by around 15%.

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