Sustainability Policy of Töpfer GmbH

Sustainable thinking is part of this for us.

We are firmly rooted in our region and love and appreciate our Allgäu very much. Precisely because we are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful region, we are aware of our responsibility.

With our raw materials we pay attention to the best organic quality and a regional origin as far as possible. We do everything we can to reduce our energy consumption and already obtain 100% green electricity. In parallel, we are working on reducing consumption and have been supporting social projects for years.

Our ambition is to become better and better - also in terms of sustainability! As a company, we want to take responsibility and do our part to preserve a livable earth for future generations.

Promoting sustainable business is an integral part of all our business processes.

Our company has decided to introduce and maintain an integrated management system for sustainability.

In doing so, we are guided by the requirements of the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which provide us with a sustainable framework of values. We are committed to complying with legal requirements and preventing corruption.

In addition to the social, economic and ecological obligations already defined, we have set ourselves clear targets for quality assurance, occupational health and safety, continuous improvement of environmental performance and energy conservation. We provide the necessary resources to achieve our goals.

Our sustainability policy is made available to all employees and business partners. If required, we make our sustainability policy available to any interested party.

Our sustainability goals


Target by 2025

Reduce CO2 emissions from 0.85 tCO2/ t sales product (2021) to 0.60 tCO2/ t sales product (2025).



Maintain or improve quality level at the same level (IFS score 2021: 97.87%).



Target by 2025

Reduce the number of overtime hours/employee from 17.46 hrs/employee (2021) to an average of 9.5 hrs/employee (2025).

We use green energy across the company out of love for the Allgäu.