Töpfer is...

firm in our values

Sustainability. More than a word.

Since the late 1980s, we've been producing high-quality organic baby food.


Dr. Jörg Gabler, our senior supervisor and the father of our managing director Susanna Gabler, was an organic pioneer in Bavaria.
He began supporting dairy farmers in the Allgäu who transitioned from conventional to organic milk production as early as 1987.

The Gabler family runs an organic farm in Obergünzburg and is still committed to expanding organic farming in the Allgäu.

If we wish to solve the challenges of our day, we have no choice but to expand organic farming, implement sustainable corporate management, and shift consumer behavior.

Sustainable thinking. For us, this is of the utmost importance. 

We are deeply rooted in our region, and we adore and value the Allgäu.
We are conscious of our responsibility of being sustainable and looking after the environment because we are fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful place. 

Short & Sweet:

When it comes to our raw materials, we prioritize the highest organic quality and the closest feasible local origin.
We're doing everything we can to cut our energy consumption, and we're already using 100% green energy.
At the same time, we've been pushing social causes and developing sustainable packaging designs for years. 


With us, organic is the standard. Both in the dairy producers' livestock farming and the other raw materials used in our baby food and certified natural cosmetics.
The organic raw materials we process are grown in a sustainable manner, with no use of genetic engineering, and the treatment of nature, whether animals or plants, is gentle and aimed to preserve biodiversity.

Organic milk from the Allgäu

Our products' quality and safety are our top priority. We are IFS (higher level) certified and monitor our operating processes on a regular basis. Our baby food only leaves the house after passing more than 600 tests, ensuring that it is completely safe and tested before reaching our clients. 

Our Products


Being "small" has its advantages. We have flat hierarchies, short decision-making routes, and a managing director who always has an open office and is involved in the operational business every day as a medium-sized company. We have been one of the most successful organic baby food manufacturers on the market for over 100 years because we manage our Töpfer Baby World with care and vision.

The Töpfer Baby World team

We have long-term, partnership-based relationships with our service providers and suppliers. Thanks to the valuable input from outside, we are constantly developing and improving together with our suppliers. This also includes monitoring the markets, therefore topics such as innovative packaging concepts are on our "Sustainability - To Do List"




Commitment is a result of dedication to a cause. From the bottom of our hearts, we are delighted to help regional organizations. We keep in touch with institutions such as the Allgäuer Werkstätten, with whom we've collaborated for many years.
We contribute only a small part of the "big picture" - but still it matters.

Our Commitment


We use green energy across the company out of love for the Allgäu.