Sustainability. More than just a word.
There is no alternative to expanding organic agriculture, sustainable corporate management and changing consumer behavior if we want to get to grips with the problems of our time. And we have to.


Sustainability Policy of Töpfer GmbH

Sustainable thinking is part of this for us.

We are firmly rooted in our region and love and appreciate our Allgäu very much. Precisely because we are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful region, we are aware of our responsibility.

With our raw materials we pay attention to the best organic quality and a regional origin as far as possible. We do everything we can to reduce our energy consumption and already obtain 100% green electricity. In parallel, we are working on reducing consumption and have been supporting social projects for years.

Our ambition is to become better and better - also in terms of sustainability! As a company, we want to take responsibility and do our part to preserve a livable earth for future generations.


Organic is standard for us. Both in the animal husbandry of the dairy farmers and in the other raw materials for our baby food and certified natural cosmetics. The organic raw materials we process are produced in sustainable agriculture, the use of genetic engineering is avoided, the treatment of nature, be it animal or plant, is gentle and designed for biodiversity.

Organic milk from the Allgäu


Being "small" has its advantages. As a medium-sized company, we have flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. We have long-term, partnership-based relationships with our service providers and suppliers. We are constantly developing and improving ourselves together with our suppliers. This also includes our new packaging concept.




Commitment lives from the fact that you do it. That you don't look away, but look. We support regional organizations and make a small contribution to the "big picture" - but where it is needed.

Our Commitment