For moms, dads, babies - We are here for you.

We are "native" Allgäuer. And we are "Nei'gschmeckte" (people who have moved in). We are colleagues from all over the world. We are experts in everything about organic baby food and cosmetics for mom & baby. We are passionate about what we do. And with a lot of heart and dedication when it comes to satisfying our big and small customers. What makes us special? Our Töpfer Babywelt comes first for all of us. And we always have a helping hand for each other. Because we stick together.

Tradition and Innovation: Our organic baby brand from the Allgäu.

For more than a century, parents from all around the world have placed their trust in us. This is something we are very proud of, and we are well aware of our enormous responsibilty as a leading baby food producer in Germany. It goes without saying that we use the highest-grade, organically grown raw materials in our baby food and care products to ensure the highest possible quality. We wish to contribute to the preservation of a healthy environment so that our children can experience the world as well. With a blend of many years of experience, tradition, and ongoing innovation, we develop and produce with a lot of love and care for you and your baby.
Thank you very much for placing your trust in us. 

Sincerely, Susanna Gabler

Managing Director Töpfer GmbH