Code of Conduct for Business Partners of Töpfer GmbH

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Töpfer GmbH pays attention to the implementation of social standards in its own company
and in its business relationships with partners. On this basis, Töpfer GmbH has developed its
own Code of Conduct with the aim of improving social standards for its business partners in
the various countries. These standards are an essential basis for the business relations of
Töpfer GmbH with its partners.

1. Compliance with regulations
a. The applicable legal and official regulations and the operational rules and regulations
must be observed.
b. The accident prevention regulations and the generally accepted safety and
occupational health rules must be complied with.
c. Food must comply in its composition, quality, packaging, and declaration with the
applicable food law regulations and meet the specified requirements.
d. The business partners shall ensure that corresponding rights are also complied with
by the upstream supplier.

2. Human rights and social responsibility
This Code of Conduct is based on the fundamental principles of the ILO (International
Labour Organisation), the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the
UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.
For Töpfer GmbH, respect for human rights is a fundamental principle of human
coexistence, which is why all employment relationships and conditions should comply
with them. As a prerequisite of any business relationship, our suppliers and service
providers, as well as their subcontractors and sub-service providers, agree to comply
with the following social standards conditions as elementary rights of employees.

3. Ban on forced and child labour
a. Child labour, in particular exploitative child labour, is inadmissible.
b. Young workers must be given special protection.
c. Forced labour, corporal punishment or mental coercion is prohibited.

4. Fair working conditions
a. There is freedom of association and the right to collective action.
b. All forms of discrimination e. g. due to nationality, ethnic origin, skin colour, religion,
gender, or age are opposed.
c. Regulated working hours are required at least in accordance with the legal
regulations of the respective country.
d. Safe and as healthy working conditions must be guaranteed.

5. Commercial Integrity
Bribery and corruption, as well as extortion are rejected in all forms.

6. Environment
a. The supplier or service provider generally adheres to the environmental protection
regulations applicable in his country.
b. Environmentally friendly technologies and products are preferred, and their use is
constantly being further developed.
c. Employees must be informed about the handling of hazardous materials and

7. Sustainability
Sustainability has always been very important for Töpfer GmbH. Our business partners
are also committed to establishing and further expanding sustainability in the corporate

8. Animal welfare and biodiversity
a. The business partners undertake to comply with animal welfare regulations. The
welfare of each individual animal must be considered, and the health of the animals
should be promoted.
b. No animal testing is carried out.
c. The business partners promote the preservation and restoration of biodiversity within
their possibilities.

9. Adherence to the Code of Conduct
a. Inspections, even unannounced, may be carried out by Töpfer GmbH at any time in
the entire supply chain.
b. An in-house reporting system for violations of these social standards must be
established; Employees who make reports must therefore not be disciplined or
discriminated against.
c. The business partners accept this Code of Conduct with each commercial transaction