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Baby Care: Tips & Guide

For you & your baby, from experienced midwives.

What kind of bathing, cleaning, and care does delicate baby skin need? We've compiled all of the information you'll need.

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Pollutants in baby care products

Not all baby care products marketed as "natural" are truly free of artificial substances. Birgit Laue, our midwife, will go over the most crucial ingredients and seals with you and provide helpful tips.

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Children's dress-up

Mardi Gras is this week... but due to Corona, it will not be held this year. It should, however, be enjoyable. Why not have a little costume party at home to celebrate Mardi Gras?

Protection against wind and cold weather

Optimal protection against the cold for delicate baby skin. So you and your little one are well prepared for the frosty temperatures.

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Proper dental care for babies

In your baby's life, a new, exciting development phase has occurred: the first tooth has emerged.
You should start taking care of your teeth right away. Because carbohydrates in breast milk and baby food can lead to the development of caries in milk teeth.

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Microplastic ... not with us!

Microplastic is avoided in our products

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A loving baby massage

With a gentle baby massage, your baby will receive additional love and attention from you. This strengthens the bond between parent and baby. In addition, your baby's sensitive skin is supplied with moisture by the care oil.

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Avoiding tears during bath time

Many children love a comfortably warm bath, others are more likely to endure it. Our tips can help ensure that bathing is fun - for mom, dad and baby.

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Prevention is the key to a healthy baby bottom!

A sore baby bottom can have many causes. However, the damp environment in the diaper is often the trigger, irritating the baby's delicate skin.

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Baby's bath routine

Many babies love a comfortably warm bath. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

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The right care for delicate baby skin.

The care of a baby's skin is an essential aspect of his or her daily routine. So, here are a few pointers on how to care for your baby's skin the best way possible.

Controlled Natural Cosmetics

The Federal Association of German Industrial and Trading Companies for Drugs, Health Products, Dietary Supplements, and Personal Care Products awards the BDIH test mark for controlled natural cosmetics (BDIH).
To meet the BDIH standard, you must meet a variety of criteria relating to both vegetable and animal raw resources, as well as mineral raw materials.

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