Avoiding tears during bath time

Many children love a comfortably warm bath, others are more likely to endure it. Our tips can help ensure that bathing is fun - for mom, dad and baby.

Set up the baby bath or bath bucket so that it does not tip over and at a height that is as gentle on the baby's back as possible (navel height). Bathing your little bundle of joy should also be as comfortable as possible for you.



10 midwife tips for a tearless bath


  1. Your calmness is felt by your child. So if you want to bathe it, take enough time and create a calm atmosphere.
  2. Put your dressed baby on his back on the changing table and calmly explain to him what you are planning to do.
  3. Before bathing, the diaper area should be cleaned and, if necessary, remains of stool or dried ointment should be thoroughly removed, e.g. with vegetable baby oil.
  4. Pay attention to the correct water temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. The bathroom should also be at a comfortable temperature.
  5. Make sure your child can see your face at all times. That gives him security.
  6. With your left hand, grasp your baby's left arm under the armpit. Your thumb is on his shoulder. Your forearm supports your baby's head and neck. Now you lift your child into the water, feet first.
  7. First, place a washcloth on your baby's tummy. That helps him "arrive".
  8. Now wash your baby from neck to feet. In order to wash the back, you don't necessarily have to place it in the prone position.
  9. Explain to your baby that the end of bath time has come and gently dry him / her with a warmed towel from head to toe. Especially between the folds of the skin, because otherwise it can lead to sore skin!
  10. If the feet or nose gets cold, bathing should be stopped immediately. Then it is time to dry off quickly and wrap the baby up to warm it.

Baby shampoo made easy

At first it is enough to clean the head with a damp washcloth and clear water. If there is a little more hair, you can wash it once or twice a week. Shampooing is not particularly popular with many babies. But to do this, spread a pea-sized dollop of shampoo in your hands, then rub it onto your baby's scalp. You can hold a washcloth to his forehead so that nothing gets in his eyes. Small buckets and other bath toys can be helpful for rinsing off the shampoo.

By the way: you don't always have to use a bathtub. Occasionally you can use a washing basins, in which you only clean the face, hands and the diaper area.

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