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Children's dress-up: Everything is so beautifully colorful but is this okay for my baby?

Who says that Mardi Gras will be cancelled for our children this year?

If you want to dress up your children, make-up is part of it, ofcourse. Regardless of whether it's a ladybug, a wild lion, a clown, Pumuckl or Jim Knopf - only the right make-up makes the transformation perfect. In stores you can find lots of carnival make-up based on mineral oils and waxes, petroleum jelly, oil and beeswax, but also water-soluble products with and without mica. The water-soluble make-up has the advantage of lasting longer. All make-up products are made from artificial or natural color pigments and carriers, and almost all contain preservatives to extend their shelf life. You can still use make-up from the previous year if it still smells normal and is inconspicuous in color and consistency.





Not always harmless

But is conventional children's make-up safe and harmless? In the past, test institutes have repeatedly found harmful substances in make-up products for children, such as greatly increased levels of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and so-called MOAH (aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons). Some of these are classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction. Due to the still immature skin barrier, however, the absorption of harmful substances by small children is particularly high, which is why you should better avoid such colors. In addition, the substances mentioned also endanger the environment, including for living beings in the water.

You will have a good laugh

You are on the safe side if you do the make-up for your little unicorn yourself.

You'll need the following items:

  • Töpfer baby cream
  • For white make-up, use starch; for colored make-up, use food coloring; and for black make-up, use charcoal tablets from the drugstore.

To apply the make-up, you'll need one or more make-up brushes or sponges.

Here's how it works:

Warm the infant cream in a water bath or in the microwave on low for five minutes. After that, stir until the mixture is smooth and pliable.
Now, vigorously whisk in the food coloring, starch, or crumbled charcoal tablet for a few minutes. 

The more you add to the cream, the more intense the color of the make-up will be. You can also mix different colors to get a wider range of colors. You have to let the make-up cool down before you start!

We wish you and your child lots of carefree fun from Dietmannsried!

Birgit Laue, midwife


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