Töpfer is... Microplastic - No, not at all!

The problem with Microplastic

Microplastics are found in more products than you think ...

Microplastics are found in many everyday care products and conventional cosmetics.

For example, fine plastic particles in the form of microparticles are often added to dental care products, shampoos, shower gels and lotions.


But did you know ...

These microparticles have their downsides. Since they are smaller than 5mm, even the most modern sewage treatment plants cannot filter out these particles, and they get into our rivers, inland waters and seas. Ultimately, these microparticles end up on our plate via the food chain.

If you imagine that most people use cosmetic products on a daily basis, there is a large amount of microplastic floating in our oceans.


Recognize microplastics?

Detecting microplastics in cosmetics is not easy due to the chemical name that is difficult to understand.

If you want to do something for yourself, your children and your environment, it is best to use certified natural cosmetics, e.g. BDIH or COSMOS.

Microplastics are not permitted in certified natural cosmetics.

Therefore you can be sure that your organic Töpfer cosmetics are guaranteed not to contain any microparticles.

Töpfer Babycare & Mamacare

Our products are certified by BDIH and COSMOS ORGANIC / COSMOS NATURAL and you can therefore use them without a guilty conscience.



Do you have any further questions? Then just call our parenting service on 08374 934-222 or write us a message using the contact form.

Here's where you can find out more:

The consumer advice center writes more clearly about what natural cosmetics actually means.


Here is an explanation on what the cosmic seal means.


The BUND (Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany - BUND e.V.) provides information on how plastic in the ocean and microplastics are related.


And here you can find facts about research and open questions.


More Guidance Pages

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