Optimal protection against the cold for delicate baby skin

So you and your little one can be well prepared for the frosty temperatures

Winter has arrived, and it has enchanted the countryside with its gleaming, ice-cold beauty.
It's wonderful to go for a walk with the baby.

However, our winter is not always so lovely, and there are days when it is chilly and rainy.
You're undoubtedly thinking if such harsh weather is safe for your baby's sensitive skin.
We'll show you how to protect your baby's skin in the next sections, because staying at home isn't an option. 


The skin of a baby is about five times thinner than that of an adult. Because the sebaceous glands aren't producing enough sebum, there isn't yet a protective fat layer, and the protective acid barrier isn't fully developed. This makes baby skin extremely sensitive and makes it react strongly to chemical or physical stimuli.

Therefore, especially in autumn and winter, use a cream that contains as much fat as possible. This does not “freeze” on baby's sensitive skin, even at sub-zero temperatures.



Outside with the baby

Newborn skin quickly becomes dry and damaged when exposed to the cold winter air. It has a higher water content and a lower level of protective oil than adult skin.
This makes them more permeable to the cold and more sensitive to it.

A thick cream protects the delicate skin of babies and children from "evaporative cold." As a result, throughout the autumn and winter, and even before going for a walk outside, it is critical to apply cream to your baby's face and hands on a frequent basis. 

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