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"How does a baby's business go into the potty instead of the diaper...?" 

What does it mean to be "nappy-free," and how does it work?
What exactly is the concept behind it?

First and foremost, it is not about the child staying dry more often or using the toilet sooner.
Rather, it encourages your baby to recognize and eventually control their waste in a more natural way.
It should also strengthen your bond with your baby by paying more attention to his needs. 

Avoiding waste through fewer diapers, saving money and being less susceptible to diaper rash certainly plays a major role in why "nappy-free" is so popular with many parents. Your baby can use up to 6000 diapers.

The annoying flatulence issue can also be counteracted by nappy-free.

That all sounds great, but you're probably wondering how to achieve this? Nappy-free can be strict, you can decide how strict. Your midwife can guide you and help you.

You should start in the first few weeks of life. Just try it out and you will be amazed how it works.

In the first few weeks you can observe the following: After your child is breastfed, you try to elicit a little burp. Instead of or at the same time, your baby often goes about his business immediately after. It can be that you have to change diapers several times, as there is always a little business in the diaper.

Exactly this characteristic is used when practicing nappy-free. It is amazing how quickly many babies learn to do their business after breastfeeding. 

Lena, a midwife from Isny ​​im Allgäu and mother of two, says:

"Diaper rash? What is that?

Diaper rash is a painful, red bottom in newborns and toddlers. The skin areas covered by the diaper are especially susceptible. In some situations, diaper rash can extend to other areas of the body (e.g. back or thighs). If there is also an infection with bacteria or fungi, one speaks of diaper thrush. At some point, almost every newborn and toddler is affected. The major causes are continuous contact of sensitive newborn skin with irritating substances from urine and stool in a moist diaper. 

Your midwife can help you with important tips and advice if your baby has a sore bottom."



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