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Nutrition plan for the first year of life

The first year of your baby's life is a period of learning, exciting discoveries, and many changes for both baby and the parents, particularly in terms of diet. 

You can download and print the Töpfer nutrition planner (PDF download, 1MB).

The plan is based on the latest scientific findings so that your child gets exactly the nutrients it needs for each stage of development. However, our many years of experience show that the information only represents recommendation values. After all, every child is different and has different needs and preferences. It is best to talk to your pediatrician or midwife.

Baby nutrition 0-5 months

Breastfeeding is best for your baby from birth. If you cannot or do not want to breastfeed, the Töpfer infant formula is a suitable alternative. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding - especially in the first few months of life, your baby receives not only food, but also love and closeness. And that is especially important for the bond between parent and child.


Baby nutrition from the 5th month onwards - first complementary food

From the end of the first six months of life, your baby's needs are no longer met by milk alone. There is a lack of energy supply and nutrients, especially iron, for optimal development. In addition, with the introduction of complementary foods, your child gradually gets used to the variety of foods and is gradually prepared for the transition to family meals. Complementary food includes anything that babies consume apart from breast milk or infant formula. For example vegetables, fruit, potatoes, meat and cereals.

At the beginning, it is best to offer your baby teaspoon-sized appetizers until he has gotten used to solid food. The rest of the meal consists of milk as before - so your child and their body can gradually get used to the new meal. In our “Introduction to Complementary Food” guide, we explain step by step how to do this.

Incidentally, the versatile Töpfer organic baby cereals, such as the organic rice cereal is particularly good for the introduction of complementary foods from the 5th month onwards.

Baby nutrition from the 6th month onwards

If your baby has not yet been given any complementary food, you can now slowly start the changeover. If your baby is already receiving complementary food, you can now provide more options. (Have a look at our guide: “Introduction to complementary food”. Regardless of whether you want it to be quick or not, the Töpfer organic cereal and milk cereal can complement your menu in a variety of ways. They are tailored to your baby's special nutritional needs and easy to prepare.

In our guide you will also find valuable tips on preparing cereal meals.

Baby nutrition from the 10th month onwards

From about the 10th month onwards, your baby can slowly be introduced to the normal family diet. Most children have their first teeth at this age and can now chew something more solid in addition to milk and cereal. However, make sure that these dishes are as easy to digest as possible and have little or no seasoning.

Incidentally, with increasing motor skills, your child no longer necessarily has to be fed. As a result, of course, something goes wrong every now and then - take it easy, they love to do it themselves and want to prove it at every opportunity.

If the baby is not breastfed, the milk should now also adapt to the needs of your child in order to meet the steadily growing energy and nutritional needs. From now on, you can use our Lactana Bio 3.

Toddler nutrition from the 12th month onwards - eating almost like the grown-ups

From the four milk and cereal meals per day, the meal plan now turns into three main meals (morning, noon, evening) and two smaller snacks (second breakfast and afternoon snack). That means your child has now joined the family table. It can now tolerate almost all foods even though it doesn't always prefer some of it. But don't worry, your little darling's taste has yet to develop. Therefore, always offer a variety of dishes and try out new variations. The whole family benefits from varied cuisines.

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