Breastfeeding, a true wonder of nature!

Every baby's demands are adequately met by breast milk as it provides all of the essential nutrients and aids in the baby's healthy development. The protein, fat, and carbohydrate content of breast milk is customized to the demands of the newborn. It also has vital protective properties for the child's gut flora and immune system. Breast-fed children are less prone to illnesses and allergies. The breastfeeding process itself also has many advantages for mother and child because it strengthens the emotional bond between the two and this is especially important at the beginning.

Gentle massage

At the beginning of your breastfeeding relationship, it can take a while for the milk to flow. You can help your baby by massaging the chest before a meal. First you loosen the tissue with gentle jerking movements, then you gently stroke your fingertips towards the nipple.

Spread the milk out by hand

Your baby is only a few hours old and doesn't really want to drink because he's so exhausted? No problem! You can also collect the valuable first milk by hand and put it in your baby's mouth with a spoon or syringe.

Dad helps breastfeeding

As a dad, you can also help with breastfeeding. Bring mom something nice to drink, spend time together or relax with a little neck massage.

Watch the video with breastfeeding tips from our midwife.