From Partner to Father

Birth Preparation for Men

Having children is one of the most dramatic changes in life, if not the biggest, for men too. Good preparation is therefore helpful and sensible, as it enables you as a man to prepare for the birth and your new role in the changed family structure.

Our Top Tips for you

Educate yourself

When the baby arrives, how does life change? Books, dedicated dad forums on the Internet, and open conversations with your own father and friends who are already fathers can all provide useful advice. Here you'll find a lot of extremely useful and honest advice. And once you know what to expect, you have a whole new (self) perspective.

Together, you will gain knowledge

Accompany your spouse to her gynaecologist and midwife appointments, the birth preparation class, acupuncture, massage, pregnancy swimming, and other prenatal appointments. This deepens your bond as a couple and as soon-to-be parents. You can also ask any questions that come to mind.

Talk to your baby

From about the 4th month the baby can hear in the womb. Tell him/her about yourself and your daily life in a soft but audible voice. In this way, your child will become familiar with your voice, and you can turn to him/her and your partner lovingly at the same time.

Feel the presence of your child

You will be able to feel the baby in the middle of the pregnancy. In mommy’s tummy, it kicks, boxes, and performs gymnastics. You can feel your child if you put your hands on her tummy from the outside. It may even nestle in your fingers and accompany your movements as it slides across the stomach.

Patience is necessary

Don't take it personally if your wife's behaviour, if not her entire personality, suddenly changes. Hormones are to blame...

Birth preparation course for men

Special, often male-led courses. This is the opportunity for your questions, worries and needs, from man to man. Your partner's midwife is almost certain to know where you can locate such courses. 

Birthplace for your baby

Where do you want your baby to be born? In a clinic, a perinatal centre, a birthing centre, or perhaps at home? Consider the environment that was essential to you at birth, as well as your uncertainties and concerns.

Make yourself available

Almost no child shows up on the scheduled date. Keep your phone on and you'll be able to "remain online." Make your employer aware of your "standby" status so that you can leave at any time.

Stay calm

You don’t need to learn any craft work for the birth of your child. This is what your midwife is for. Because you are a partner and a father, you are significant. So leave the craftsman at home and prepare to embark on the incredible journey of being a father.