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Pregnancy: Tips & Guides

The best advice from our experienced midwives.

From nutrition, prevention control to baby equipment - you have a lot to think about.

The beginning of a relaxed postpartum period

Everyone can see it from afar, your stomach is already enormous. The due date is getting closer - what do you have to consider if you want a relaxed start into family life?

Tick ​​bite during pregnancy

Help! Tick ​​bite during pregnancy, what to do and what to look out for?

Coloring hair during pregnancy

The pregnancy test shows two little lines, and your next hairdresser appointment is approaching. Now you have to decide whether you want to dye or not. 

Preventing allergies

Allergies affect a lot of children nowadays. Many parents are concerned about this issue and are at a loss for what to do. By sharing our knowledge with you, we hope to change that.

Checklist for expectant fathers

Having children is one of the most dramatic changes in life, if not the biggest, for men too. Good preparation is therefore helpful and sensible, as it enables you as a man to prepare for the birth and your new role in the changed family structure.

Becoming a dad

Becoming a dad is not difficult... or maybe it is?

Preparing for birth and taking precautions

A birth preparation course will provide you with the opportunity to meet other expectant parents, learn essential details about the approaching birth, and get a wealth of practical knowledge on dealing with babies.

Prenatal diagnosis

Curse or blessing? Opinions are divided about the options for fine diagnostics that are offered during pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy

Many pregnant women assume that they must limit their physical activity to the bare minimum. During pregnancy, however, a certain amount of exercise is permitted.

Wellbeing program for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a natural wonder that is unique and different for each woman - both emotionally and physically. As an expectant mother, you may offer something back to your body by taking proper care of yourself.

Baby development - the beginning of a new life

Two tiny little cells that have fused together and lodged in your uterus will soon turn your life upside down - the exciting time of your pregnancy begins.

Diet in Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is unique and an amazing adventure for both mother and child. Nutrition is a growing concern for many pregnant women. As a result, we'd like to lend you our expertise.

Dental care during pregnancy

I've never had dental problems! Why should it be any different during my pregnancy? Take your time and read the following guide. Almost no one is spared!

Nausea in pregnancy

Do you have a queasy stomach every morning or at other times of the day since you've recently become pregnant?

Traveling during pregnancy

Many pregnant women assume they must limit their physical activity to the bare minimum. Nothing, however, stands in the way of a vacation even in regular circumstances.


Tips on everything to do with care, nutrition and wellbeing.

Our recommendations for the postpartum period, which is a critical period for your body and health! 

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