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Preparing for birth and taking precautions

A birth preparation course will provide you with the opportunity to meet other expectant parents, learn essential details about the approaching birth, and get a wealth of practical knowledge on dealing with babies. 

A midwife-led birth preparation class is an excellent way for you and your partner to get to know your obstetrician and ask her lots of questions. This ensures peace and safety on the big day. If you cannot find a midwife, look at the Society for Birth Preparation e.V. at www.gfg-bv.de for qualified course providers.





Midwife Tip

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The best thing to do is to find a midwife to look after you during your pregnancy and in postpartum. All midwives can be found at the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds.

Sincerely, Anna

Trust is good, control is better

Whether you have your check-ups carried out by the gynecologist or your midwife is entirely up to you. In the first phase of pregnancy, the check-ups are carried out every four weeks, later every two weeks. And if your baby doesn't want to be born, the check-up dates are closer together. Weight, blood pressure, urine and blood values ​​are checked at these regular appointments. Your uterus will also be closely examined, either by palpation or ultrasound. Midwives sometimes use a classic ear tube for the examination. Visits to the doctor or midwife are always a good opportunity to ask a lot of questions.



It's advisable to write down your questions in the privacy of your own home so you don't forget anything.
Please contact our parenting service if you have any further queries. 

And after the birth?

You should definitely attend the U-examinations with your child. Because mental and physical growth is incredibly rapid throughout the first year, it is critical to diagnose and address any health problems as soon as possible. Incidentally, the U1 takes place immediately after the birth, the U2 already follows between the 3rd and 10th day of life - either still in the hospital or at your pediatrician. The last U-examination takes place between the ages of 12 and 14 years.



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