Coloring hair during pregnancy

The pregnancy test shows two little lines, and your next hairdresser appointment is approaching. Now you have to decide whether you want to dye or not. 

How about you try a more natural look?

You're just pregnant and have an appointment with your hairdresser.

Your roots have grown out, and you're in desperate need of a new dye job. What should you do now, though? Is it harmful to the unborn baby in your belly? Is it even questionable?

Some hair dyes are known to include chemicals that are harmful to one's health. Although the hairdresser you trust will undoubtedly provide you with sound advise on the matter, you must ultimately make the decision for yourself and your unborn child. During pregnancy, some hairdressers recommend applying color away from the scalp or switching to a natural hair color. It can't be ruled out though that it doesn't include harmful chemicals. What if you try a more natural look? Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a short and precious time in your life.



Lena, a midwife from the Allgäu and mother of two says: "Even if the manufacturers of many dyes advertise low-risk substances, I would do without them at this stage. You can dye your hair as usual after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this could also serve as a motivation to try a new hair color."

Sincerely, Lena