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The beginning of a relaxed postpartum period

So you can plan ahead for your child's first weeks after birth.

In a few weeks your life will be turned upside down by a new family member. You imagine the first time at home to be incredibly beautiful, cozy and happy. In order for it to work that way, I have a few points here that you should pay attention to and which mothers who are having their first child often do not think about.

The ideal situation is to have your baby as close to the due date as feasible while avoiding problems. Breast milk is flowing, and you are holding your adorable, full, and content baby in your arms. As a fresh new mother, you can welcome your visitors with a clear conscience and anticipate the guests' congratulations and small gifts with your husband. 

Regrettably, the reality is frequently different. The birth was more difficult than expected, and you have a minor birth injury. The hungry baby wants to breastfeed all the time, and the nipple has been damaged as a result, making it difficult to place the child on during the first two weeks. Every time you put it on, you have to clench your teeth and shed a few tears. 

That is why it is all the more important that you take time for yourself and your baby. So you can enjoy this time and the beautiful sides (of which there are a lot ...) as much as possible.





Lena’s midwife tip:

Reserve the first days / weeks for your small family.

My tips for a relaxed start to your "family" adventure:

Use the last few weeks before the due date, ideally on your maternity leave, to run all of your errands in a relaxed manner before the birth. Make a list of everything you'll need at home for when the baby is born.(sanitary napkins on the toilet...) 

All in all, you need calm, patience and lots of physical contact with your newborn. Your partner included, of course. You probably won't feel like visitors and unfortunately, on the very day you go home from the clinic, you notice that you have lost some of your happiness hormones. But don't worry, the ups and downs in your emotional world are nothing out of the ordinary. You can find more information about this on the Baby Blues advice page.

It's critical to set aside the first few days/weeks for your young family. The next few days would be ideal if you had your partner by your side and were in your comfy pregnancy bed at home with your newborn.
Only surround yourself with people with whom you can openly express your sentiments and who are good for you. The best visitors bring their own cake (and of course yours). Allow the excited grandmothers to assist you in the kitchen. Grandmas are usually looking for ways to assist you with responsibilities. Request it before the birth if possible. You've never welcomed someone who presents you with a pot of soup with so much pride. During your pregnancy, tell your friends and acquaintances that you will contact them after the birth, when you are ready, and that you will be delighted to see them. Nobody will hold it against you if you write: "Our treasure is now in the world, we are fine, and we will contact you once we have gotten to know each other a bit better." in the first message following the birth. 



Lena, a midwife from the Allgäu and mother of two says: "Take a lot of time for each other in the first few weeks, it is so short, intense and beautiful."

Sincerely, Lena