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Wellbeing program for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a miracle of nature and very special and different for every woman - on an emotional and physical level. With the right personal care, as an expectant mom you can give something back to your body.

Skin care routine for pregnant women

By its very nature, women's skin is excellently equipped for the special requirements of pregnancy: it is very elastic and can stretch many times under the influence of pregnancy hormones. Until the birth, for example, your belly can reach a circumference of 100 centimeters at navel height - a real challenge for skin and connective tissue. This often leads to tension or annoying itching.

Don't worry: you can support your skin elasticity from the beginning of pregnancy up to three months after the birth with regular massages of the stomach, thighs, bottom and chest. It is best to use a care oil that is tailored to the skin's special needs, such as the perfume-free Töpfer Mama Care massage and care oil. It contains "the gold of Morocco" - valuable argan oil that supports cell renewal, protects against moisture loss and helps prevent stretch marks. Another nourishing ingredient is marula oil: Made from the seeds of the marula tree, the oil primarily donates and maintains moisture. It is therefore also used for dry skin, reducing reddening of the skin and stimulating elasticity.



Our tip: Our Töpfer Mamacare products are unscented to prevent irritation of the expectant mother's sensitive nose, especially during early pregnancy.




Massage tips for expectant mothers

The best time for a massage is after a shower or after a warm bath. The skin is particularly receptive after this. It is best to only dry yourself lightly, as the skin can absorb the oil best when it is damp. This creates an emulsion that can penetrate the skin well. Warm up some oil in your hands before you start ...

  • Belly: Start on the underside and continue over the side to the belly button. If your stomach is a bit smaller, we recommend a careful plucking massage or circular movements with the palm of your hand.
  • Chest: It is best to massage gently from bottom to top in circular movements and then also to massage the sternum with your fingertips in a clockwise direction.
  • Bottom: Distribute the oil in circular motions on your bottom and thighs. Now you can use your fists to massage the area between the sacrum and thigh in vigorous up and down movements.

Midwife tip no. 75: From the 13th week of pregnancy onwards, plucking massages that promote blood circulation are particularly effective against stretch marks: Take the oiled skin gently between your thumb and forefinger, roll and knead it a little and then gently rub it out again.

Midwife Tip

If you suffer from morning sickness, you can try to nibble on some wholemeal biscuits or pretzels in bed in the morning. When the stomach is busy, the queasiness subsides and you can start the day.

Sincerely, Anna

This helps against heavy legs

Heavy, tired legs during pregnancy are not uncommon. In addition to the regular use of the cooling Töpfer leg cream, you can also use very simple techniques to relieve your legs.

  • True to the motto: Keep it cool! A Kneipp facility is just as suitable as any stream, lake with a bank or a paddling pool to refresh your legs. 
  • Look for flat heels if you want to wear heels
  • Use every opportunity to put your feet up - even when sleeping.
  • Special pregnancy stockings or support stockings can also relieve lymphatic vessels and prevent heavy legs.

Well taken care of after delivery

After the birth, the skin on the stomach is usually slack and a little wrinkled - after all, your little one has entered the world. It will take about as long as pregnancy to get your skin back as tight as it was before. Simply continue your pregnancy massages regularly after delivery. This helps the skin to regress and build up the collagen fibers.

Midwife tip no. 74: Daily massages with a loofah glove or a massage brush provide optimal blood circulation, strong skin and connective tissue. Always work in small circular movements towards the heart. Alternating showers (alternating between warm and cold water) increase the effect.





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