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Töpfer Pre Starter Milk in the Ökotest 04.2022

Dear Parents,

the new Ökotest magazine is here. And with it a large test report on baby starter foods. The decision not to breastfeed and to add baby food is associated with questions, fears and insecurities for many moms. Every mom's greatest wish is to do everything right and give their baby the best start in life.

We understand how unsettling such reports may be for parents, therefore we've done our best to provide you with as much information as possible on Töpfer food. 

Of course, we have dealt intensively with the current test result from Ökotest (4/2022). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our two nutritionists, Maren and Kerstin from the Töpfer parent service, are available to answer any questions you may have about your baby (see contact below).

Can you rely on the quality of the Töpfer products? Yes!

Our top priority is to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are safe for our youngest consumers!

Our foods are safe and comply with all legal requirements.
As a result, our products only leave our facility after passing a series of internal and external quality checks, including critical substance testing! 

Babyfood is safe.

Baby food is one of the most strictly and frequently controlled products on the market. The current report in the Ökotest also confirms that all tested products fully meet the legal standards.

Ökotest writes on the first page, “anyone who has given their child anything other than the “very good” food in our test need not worry”.

What was tested?

In the April 2022 edition of the Öko-Test magazine, Öko-Test assesses Pre infant milk, including the Töpfer Bio Pre infant milk.

From a scientific point of view, the devaluations by Ökotest are incomprehensible, because the Töpfer food is safe and of impeccable quality.



Test results of the Töpfer Bio PRE baby food at a glance

⭐ Microbiologically perfect quality/safety

⭐ Contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA & ARA in an optimal ratio of 1:1 (according to legal requirements)

⭐ The protein content of the food is optimized according to age

⭐ Töpfer Bio PRE fully complies with all legal norms and standards.

Response to the criticism:


In 15 of 16 of the tested pre-foods, Ökotest found traces of the substance group saturated hydrocarbons - MOSH/POSH for short (or colloquially mineral oils). At Töpfer Bio PRE, these traces are increased according to Ökotest, and Ökotest claims to have found MOAH.

Unfortunately Ökotest does not mention that the analysis of MOSH/MOAH is still very difficult and despite intensive efforts by renowned laboratories and experts there is no legal standard for these analyses.


What does that mean specifically?

The detected contents are very small traces. The big problem in this trace range is to develop suitable analytical methods that can correctly demonstrate these minimal contents.

The current measuring methods have large fluctuation ranges of up to 50%! According to the standards of Ökotest, this means that the same analytical value can either lead to the finding "slightly increased" or "strongly increased" with a devaluation of either 1 or 4 marks.

The MOSH values ​​found by Ökotest are only minimal. We therefore consider an evaluation and classification from "good" to "poor", as carried out by ÖKOTEST, to be arbitrary and inappropriate.

Of course, we take every indication of undesirable substances very seriously and follow them up to ensure the highest quality and safety for our baby food at all times. In the area of ​​undesirable trace substances, too, we take all the measures available to us to prevent even the slightest undesirable residue.


Töpfer: Information instead of panic

With the currently available measuring method for the MOSH/MOAH group, substances of various origins are recorded, not just mineral oil components such as machine lubricants. Substances of natural origin, such as those found in vegetable oils, are also currently being measured. We would like to see more comprehensive and serious reporting on this complex topic.

Discussions around MOAH

The so-called aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH) are classified as more dangerous.

Tested Töpfer milk foods (Öko-Test 2019 and 2021) were without findings of MOAH.

In the new issue 4.2022, very small traces of MOAH were found in the tested batch.

We take the concerns of our customers very seriously. Therefore, we have already had a further examination of the batch evaluated by ÖKOTEST carried out by an accredited, external laboratory. The laboratory results showed that no MOAH was detectable. That is why we cannot confirm or understand the Ökotest results in any way.


The topic of safety in our production

Ökotest writes, "...conceivable sources of entry for mineral oil components are packaging materials and lubricating greases on machines in production".

We take security very seriously. Neither our packaging nor our production can be considered sources of entry for these components. We continuously check a possible entry about raw materials with our suppliers.

Read more about our packaging solutions here

Consistent quality - for years

Our Töpfer Bio PRE was already tested in Ökotest 2019 and was rated "good" back then. This made our Töpfer Bio PRE one of the best-rated products. The current analysis values ​​are comparable with the results from 2019 - our quality is therefore still excellent.

We have not changed our strict quality requirements. Our organic baby food is controlled just as strictly today as it was three years ago.


The protein content of the Töpfer organic baby food

The protein content of our Töpfer Bio PRE is optimized for age.

Ökotest also confirms this with its report (page 20, box): "...Experts such as Professor Berthold Koletzko from the University of Munich...recommend a protein content of no more than 2 grams per 100 kcal."

The content per 100ml (protein content 1.3g) is indicated on our packaging, our Töpfer BIO Pre has a protein content of 1.97g/100 Kcal.

The addition of organic palm oil

All our organic baby food contains only selected raw materials of the best organic quality. We only use organic palm oil for our baby food products.

Ökotest writes (page 20, box) "the cultivation of other oil crops is not automatically more sustainable." In detail, this means that when you use a different oil, the problem of sustainability is not solved, but unfortunately only shifted. We would be happy to explain more to you on the following page:

Read about our palm oil

When deciding on organic palm oil, it is important to us that the fatty acid composition of our products is as close as possible to that of breast milk, so that your baby is optimally supplied with everything it needs.

Long tradition with probiotic cultures in the Töpfer organic baby food

We have been using probiotics in the Töpfer baby food for generations. These Pro Bifidos contribute to a good digestibility of the food - it is not for nothing that many moms and dads confirm that sensitive tummies in particular tolerate Töpfer's milk well. This is also confirmed by current consumer tests. With a recommendation of 96%, users confirm that Töpfer baby food is a good decision.

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