Organic Wheat Semolina Cereal with Apple and Banana

Organic Wheat Semolina Cereal with Apple and Banana

  • No added sugar

  • Milk-free

  • Contains gluten

  • Easy to prepare, no need to boil

  • Click here for more information on nutritional values and how to prepare the cereal correctly

Product description

Our organic grain is processed gently, making it perfectly suited for the needs of the baby. It is easy to prepare so it is ideal as a main dish or as a snack at any time of day. The apple and banana flakes from organic farms gives the cereal a tasty, fresh flavour. For older children and adults, Töpfer Organic Cereal Wheat Semolina Apple & Banana is useful as a nutritious snack that can be complemented by fruits, yoghurt, raisins or nuts.

Important notice

Please read the preparation instructions carefully. The right dose will ensure that your baby receives the nutrients it needs. Prepare the cereal fresh for each meal and always use a spoon to feed your baby. It's also important to ensure that your baby’s teeth are cleaned regularly, in particular before going to bed.


Seal the opened bag and store in a cool, dry, clean place. Consume within two to three weeks. To avoid risk of burning, do not warm the milk cereal in the microwave oven.

Nutritional details

Click here for more information on nutritional values and how to prepare the cereal correctly.

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Tips for preparing baby cereal

The cereal should be introduced gradually, with the first spoonfuls in the fifth month, followed by the first full cereal meal, and finally family meals.
The entire period takes its time, as it should, taking as much time as you and the baby require. 

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Baby skin is five times thinner than that of an adult and requires very special care. To support the skin in developing a healthy self-protection, we use only natural raw materials from predominantly organic cultivation for our certified Babycare Natural Cosmetics.

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Töpfer is convinced of the advantages of breastfeeding and endorses it according to the recommendations of the WHO. In the section Guidebook lactation and our FAQ´s, we have prepared a few tips under the keyword "Breastfeeding".

Supplementing infant formula may impair the success of your breastfeeding. Therefore, please consult your pediatrician or midwife if you wish to use infant formula.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate to contact our parent’s service.

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