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Gentle care for tender skin

Caressing, feeling and touching – babies experience a lot of love through their skin and get to know the world through play. But their skin is also sensitive and needs a lot of tender care.

Baby skin is five times thinner than adult’s and needs considerable care to protect against heat, cold, sun, moisture and dryness. To support the skin in developing its protection, we use only natural ingredients from predominantly organic farms for our certified babycare natural cosmetics range. Awarded for "BDIH controlled natural cosmetic".

For caring

Prevents soreness

Diaper rash cream

Protects the baby’s sensitive skin around the diaper area with natural substances.

Protection from adverse weather conditions.

Dry Skin Balm

With the Dry Skin Balm your baby is optimally protected from adverse weather conditions.

Gentle care

Face cream

Gentle face cream for particularly soft baby skin

Gentle care

bran lotion "sensitive"

A classic product now available as a lotion. Cares for and soothes babies’ irritated skin.

Prevents inflammations

Baby powder

Protects against moisture and prevents inflammation in sensitive parts of the body.

With valuable organic oils

Body lotion

Moisturises and is easily absorbed. With lots of valuable organic oils.

Natural care

Skin and massage oil

The oil is particularly good for massaging both babies and adults.

From the first tooth

Tooth gel for milk teeth

Healthy dental care right from the start

For washing

Nurturing bath essence

bran bath liquid

The popular bran bath liquid helps the skin to regenerate naturally.

Particularly gentle on the skin

bran powder bath with oil

Soothing bath essence with harmonious natural ingredients.

Gentle cleaning

Body Wash Gel

Daily washing and gentle care for you and your baby.

Protects sensitive baby skin

My first oil bath

Protection and care for particularly sensitive skin - from birth.

Mild hair shampoo


Extra mild hair shampoo for a natural, silky shine.

Organic quality for little gourmets

Regional and natural. With selected and strictly controlled raw materials and ingredients from the region such as the best organic cow's milk from the Allgäu.

Mamacare – gentle care for expectant and nursing mothers

Delicate care specially designed for mummy's needs. With the power of nature and selected ingredients such as organic wheat bran, organic sea buckthorn, organic shea butter and valuable organic oils.

Midwife tip Number 29

Don’t bathe your baby for longer than ten minutes during the first year of your baby’s life to ensure that its tender skin doesn’t dry out.

Birgit Laue, midwife