• Cleans and is gentle to the baby’s sensitive scalp

  • Its natural ingredients make it particularly gentle on the skin 

  • Contains valuable ingredients from organic farms such as organic wheat bran and organic calendula

  • No animal ingredients!

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Product description

The particularly mild shampoo gives children’s hair a natural, silky shine. Cleans and is gentle to the baby’s sensitive scalp.


Water, sugar surfactants, coconut surfactant, vegetable glycerine, citric acid ethyl ester, vegetable betain, citric acid salt, xanthan gum, hydrolysed wheat protein, calendula extract*, wheat brain extract*, rosemary leaf extract, cuckoo flower oil, pyroglutamic acid, pyroglutamic acid salt, birch sugar, xylitol, xylose surfactant, vegetable emulsifier, very mild sugar surfactant, vegetable amino acid surfactant, vegetable surfactant, vegetable emulsifier, vegetable emulsifier, anisic acid, levulinic acid, salt of phytic acid, citric acid, pH regulator, natural scent, lemons**.

* From controlled organic farms
** natural essential oils

Special nourishing ingredients

Organic wheat bran, organic calendula

Showering and bathing

Avoiding tears during bath time

Many children love a comfortably warm bath, others are more likely to endure it. Our tips can help ensure that bathing is fun - for mom, dad and baby.

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