Tooth gel for milk teeth

Tooth gel for milk teeth

  • Gentle cleaning to prevent caries with silica and xylitol

  • No ingredients that could interfere with homeopathic treatments

  • No fluoride - to prevent over-use

  • Pleasantly neutral taste from natural ingredients

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Product description

Gentle dental care right from the start is an important routine for your baby’s health. The enamel of the first teeth is much thinner and much more susceptible to caries than the permanent set of teeth. So milk teeth must be cared for particularly intensively. Our tooth gel’s unique use of silica for gentle cleaning and xylitol to prevent caries is particularly noteworthy. Bran and calendula also help to look after the gums and ensure oral health.


Proper dental care for babies


In your baby's life, a new, exciting development phase has occurred: the first tooth has emerged.
You should start taking care of your baby's teeth right away because carbohydrates in breast milk and baby food can lead to the development of caries in milk teeth. 

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