Lactana Bio 3

Lactana Bio 3

  • Top quality organic milk and other ingredients from organic farms

  • Contains important long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) and valuable bifido cultures

  • With delicious organic fruit

  • Click here for more information on nutritional values and ingredients

Product description



Topfer Bio 3 este potrivit incepând cu vârsta de 10 luni, după alăptatul la sân  sau ca formula de continuare  alternativă după Topfer Bio 2. Este deosebit de ușor de digerat, deoarece are culturi bifido și acizi grași polinesaturați cu lanț lung. Topfer Bio 3 este adaptat nevoilor nutritive legate de vârstă, îndeplinește cele mai înalte standarde de calitate și este în concordanță cu cele mai recente descoperiri din știința nutriției. Conține vitamina D pentru dezvoltarea oaselor și iod pentru dezvoltarea cognitivă (așa cum prevede legea).

Lactana Organic 3 is suitable from the 10th month following breastfeeding or as an alternative follow-up milk after Lactana Organic 2. It is particularly easy to digest as it has valuable bifido cultures and important long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lactana Organic 3 is adapted to the age-related nutritional needs, fulfils the highest quality standards and is consistent with the latest findings in nutritional science. Your baby’s health is supported by vitamin D for building up bones and iodine for mental development (as required by law).

Important notice


Alăptarea este întotdeauna cea mai bună pentru copilul tău, deoarece laptele matern oferă toate substanțele nutritive de care are nevoie copilul pentru o dezvoltare sănătoasă. Dacă doriți să utilizați formula pentru sugari, consultați medicul pediatru. Contactul regulat sau continuu cu alimentele care conțin carbohidrați poate deteriora dinții. Poate provoca leziuni grave ale dinților (carii) și poate duce la deteriorarea sănătății bebelușului. Ca toate formulele pentru sugari, Topfer Bio 3  conține carbohidrați precum zahărul din lapte (lactoză). Deci, odată ce bebelușul nu mai dorește, sticla trebuie să fie luată. Nu dați bebelușului flaconul pentru a-l folosi ca suzeta sau pentru a suge constant. Încurajează-ți copilul să bea dintr-o ceașcă cât mai devreme.După ce apare primul dinte, asigurați-vă că dinții copilului sunt curățați în mod regulat.

Exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months is best for your baby. During this time, Lactana Organic 3 – like any follow-up milk –should not be used as a replacement for mother’s milk, but only after 10 months as part of a mixed diet. Your baby’s individual growth and development needs may make it necessary to use follow-up formula as part of a balanced diet earlier. Consult a paediatrician before doing so. Ensure you maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.<br/> Regular or ongoing contact with foods that contain carbohydrates can damage teeth. It can cause serious damage to teeth (caries) and lead to impairments in the baby’s health. Like all infant formulas, Lactana Organic 3 contains carbohydrates such as milk sugar (lactose). So once the baby doesn’t want any more, the bottle should be taken away. Do not give the baby the bottle to use as a pacifier or to suck on constantly. Encourage your child to drink out of a cup as early as possible. After the first tooth appears, ensure that the baby’s teeth are regularly cleaned.


1. Boil the drinking water needed and leave to cool to about 40°C to 50°C.
2. Put half of the water in the bottle - before use ensure the bottle and teat have been cleaned in boiling water.
3. Pour the required amount of powder in the bottle with the measuring spoon. Ensure that the measuring spoon is always level.
4. Close the bottle and shake vigorously. Fill with remaining water and then shake vigorously again.
5. Allow the contents of the bottle to cool to drinking temperature. Check temperature before giving to the baby!

Nutritional details

Click here for more information on nutritional values and how to prepare the milk correctly

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Nursing is the best thing for your baby.

Töpfer is convinced of the advantages of breastfeeding and endorses it according to the recommendations of the WHO. In the section Guidebook lactation and our FAQ´s, we have prepared a few tips under the keyword "Breastfeeding".

Supplementing infant formula may impair the success of your breastfeeding. Therefore, please consult your pediatrician or midwife if you wish to use infant formula.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate to contact our parent’s service.

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