Super Shower

Super Shower

  • Mild skincare for super-girls with carefully selected ingredients

  • No animal ingredients

  • pH-skin-neutral

  • With nurturing organic shea butter, organic wheat bran, and sea buckthorn flesh extract

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Water, vegetable sugar surfactants, predominantly vegetable surfactants, vegetable glycerine, organic sea buckthorn extract, organic wheat bran extract, organic rosemary leaf extract, wheatgerm extract, salt of levulinic acid, vegetable emulsifier, vegetable surfactants, vegetable moisturiser, citric acid, citric acid salt, anisic acid, natural fragrance and its components

Special nourishing ingredients

Product description

Fresh and fruity apricot fragrance breezes around the bath, splashes of water turn into stars, and she’s ready for the next adventure – all because of the Super shower gel with organic sea buckthorn extract for gentle, well-kept skin. The fruity apricot scent is just great for adventuresome super-girls with tender, well-kept skin. Because it’s vegan, it can be washed in easily. It consists of 100% natural ingredients and even complies with COSMOS standards. With high quality organic oils such as almond oil, organic olive oil and organic soya oil.

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