Nipple cream

Nipple cream

  • Cares and protects painful nipples and helps them to heal.

  • Harmless to your baby - can also be used during breastfeeding

  • High-quality ingredients from organic farms

  • No animal ingredients

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Product description

Apart from the feeding one’s baby naturally, for many mothers breastfeeding is of great emotional importance. The intimate contact during breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child enormously. This period in the child’s growth puts a lot of strain on the nipples and the surrounding tissue. Small cracks and sore skin are not unusual at this time. Töpfer nipple cream was specially developed for the care of painful nipples. The natural ingredients soothe sensitive and painful tissue and are harmless to your baby. So, the balm can stay on during your next breastfeed.


Vegetable oil*, hydrated vegetable oil, calendula extract*, vitamin E, sunflower oil.

* Natural ingredients from controlled organic farming

Special nourishing ingredients

Organic vegetable oil, organic sunflower oil, organic calendula extract

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